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Monica Shillingburg holds a M.B.A. from West Virginia University and a B.A. in Marketing, also from WVU.  As the Owner and President of Shillingburg Consulting, she brings 20+ years of proven management, quality control and project management/major project start-up experience with the federal government and small businesses.  Shillingburg Consulting’s crisis communications work is more than just a job to Monica; it’s a personal mission.  Monica is the niece of one of the miners who died at the Sago Mine in West Virginia. She knows first-hand about the importance of ensuring that all communication is 100% accurate and information is thoroughly vetted during a crisis.

Randy Shillingburg, Vice President and Senior Consultant, holds a B.A. from Fairmont State University, specializing in Journalism and Language arts.  A former newpaper reporter, Randy brings 36 years of public relations, community engagement and management experience for Fortune 500 companies, national non-profit organizations, small businesses and even large educational systems, including a state department of education.  As an executive, manager or trusted consultant, he has supported a number of the largest corporations in America.  During his distinguished career, he has effectively directed communications for nearly every crisis imaginable. 

Together, Monica and Randy are able to drive improved performance in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations with their 60 years of combined, proven experience.  At this point in their distinguished careers, Randy and Monica believe that their role in life isn’t about “making more money,” but about “making a difference” by sharing their extensive professional experience with others.

Give Shillingburg Consulting the opportunity to make a significant, positive difference in your organization.
What does our proven experience include?

+Effectively directing communications efforts for dozens of major hurricanes and numerous other

+Transforming the public perception survey results for a division of a Fortune 500 company from
worst in the company to first in just five years.

+Successfully overseeing project management for a new system handling millions of government
transactions each year.

+Generating free, positive media coverage worth millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies,
non-profits and small businesses.

+Training managers from all corners of the world how to work effectively with the news media during a crisis.

+Directing advertising and all marketing efforts for a small business that resulted in a 70% increase in business leads year over year.

+Improving public perception for one of the nation’s largest electric utilities so dramatically that only one person spoke in opposition at five mandated public meetings for the largest proposed rate increase in that utility’s history.

+Leading Kaizens (Six Sigma) for one of the largest government agencies in America that processes millions of transactions annually.

+Growing one organization from $85,000 to over $1 million in annual revenues -- in just three years.

+Managing sales teams from Los Angeles to Miami to achieve 60% annual growth. 

 Monica needs her coffee -- even when in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

No matter where you are located -- from Los Angeles to Miami,  Madrid to South Korea -- we can make a dramatic difference
in your organization!