At this point in our careers, it isn't about how much money we can make, but how much of a difference we can make.

We enjoy working with great people and organizations -- people who treat customers, employees and stakeholders well and pay their bills in a timely manner.  By working with "good" people and organizations that strive every day to do the "right" thing, we are able to charge considerably less than other firms.

Our current rate is $75 per hour (plus taxes and travel expenses) for social media and website development services, including photographic, writing and design work for online sites.

For other services, including crisis communications leadership/training, forming/facilitating Community Advisory Panels (CAPs), performing site assessments, or doing management consulting or business development work, we charge $125 per hour (plus taxes and travel expenses).  As we are a small firm, we do not "mark up" our expenses and pass them on to our clients.  We simply ask for reimbursement of  expenses.

Based on market research, our rates are between 1/3 and 1/2 of what other, larger firms charge per hour for the very same services.  With low overhead costs and no desire to become wealthy from our consulting work, we can charge less for our services, but provide the same quality of service (if not a lot better) than larger firms. 

Our clients are often amazed at how much we are able to accomplish and how little we charge.  While larger firms charge for every minute, we are not under the same financial constraints and pressures.

We strive to exceed the expectations for all of clients in terms of quality, results and even cost -- every single day.  Contact us to start the conversation about how we can help your organization!    


"We strive to exceed the expectations for all of our clients in terms of quality, results and even cost -- every single day."