Social Media Leadership

Community Engagement/Site Assessments

We  Create Ambassadors for Your Organization

We Create Positive Relationships with Your Communities

We specialize in helping small- to medium-sized companies utilize social media more effectively to increase business and to increase brand awareness.  Imagine having 60,000+ Facebook users choose to watch a video about your organization.  With Facebook being about 20% of all page views in the U.S., companies can no longer ignore this social media platform that is underutilized by most organizations. Shillingburg Consulting can harness the power of social media to generate ambassadors for your organization.
Our experience forming and facilitating community engagement panels (i.e., Community Advisory Boards/Community Advisory Panels) dates back to the late 1980s, when we developed and led one of the first Customer Advisory Boards in the nation for a large, electric utility. We have extensive experience utilizing this community engagement strategy all over the country to help corporate and community representatives develop mutual respect and understanding.

We also have proven experience conducting site assessments for companies considering new facilities or expansion projects so that challenges can be identified and addressed before millions of dollars have been spent and costly delays begin to occur.  We are experienced and respected facilitators, able to guide stakeholder groups and corporate representatives so that they are able to communicate respectfully in even the most adversarial situations.    

Crisis Communications Leadership

We  Can Lead Your Crisis Communications

Unlike most firms, Shillingburg Consulting has three decades of experience serving as the key spokesperson for crises ranging from hurricanes and ice storms (utilities), to employees accused of drug or sexual abuse (education systems), industrial accidents (various industries) and even environmental events (various industries).  Our strategies have allowed a number of organizations to protect and actually improve their “brand,” even during the most adverse of circumstances.  Give us the opportunity to support your organization when you have a crisis.  

Crisis Communications Training

We Can Prepare You for the Media Onslaught

We have trained managers from across the U.S. and all over the world how to work effectively with the news media. Unlike the vast majority of trainers who rely on “gotcha” tactics that make participants feel very anxious, Shillingburg Consulting has developed sequential media training that allows participants to learn and practice one skill, before learning and practicing a second, a third and then a fourth skill. After all skills are learned and practiced, then participants are able to put those skills together in a mock press conference, fully utilizing what they’ve learned.

The strategies shared by Shillingburg Consulting are gleaned from decades of first-hand experience effectively managing crises and directing media relations activities for a number of organizations. Also unique to Shillingburg Consulting, we include testimony in our trainings from a “survivor” of one of the worst crisis miscommunications in American history, helping participants to understand fully the personal impact of poor or inadequate communication.

Our extensive experience managing crises for various organizations has given us the strong belief and first-hand knowledge that effectively managing communications during a crisis can actually result in improved public perception.  We train company leaders how to not only survive the media and public onslaught during a crisis, but to actually enhance a company’s reputation as a competent, caring organization.

Interview Preparation

Media Relations

We Can Prepare You for News Media Interviews

With over three decades of experience working with news media representatives all over the country, we are uniquely qualified to prepare company, government and non-profit leaders for interviews with local, regional and even national news media representatives. We know all the tactics reporters use (i.e., pretending to want to interview you for a “soft” story, when in fact they want to focus on a controversial topic and will be asking tough questions). We can prepare you for any interview so that you aren’t surprised by anything a reporter might ask or do.

We Can Generate Free, Positive Media Coverage

We have extensive experience helping organizations generate free positive media coverage worth millions of dollars.  Give us the opportunity to bring extensive experience working with local, regional and national new media representatives to support your organization.  

Business Development

Management Consulting/Kaizens

We Can Help Grow Your Organization

We Know How to Get the Best Out of Your Organization

Unlike most firms, we have proven business development experience, helping Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and even national non-profit organizations add significantly to their bottom lines.  Our proven experience includes: managing sales teams all over the country, driving 60% annual growth; helping a statewide non-profit grow revenues from $85,000 to over $1 million in just three years; helping a small business increase its number of interested customers by 70% year over year; and dramatically improving the performance of managers and executives across the country through one-on-one coaching and effective management strategies.

All of our strategies are designed to help your organization achieve similar results -- not only on your bottom line, but also in improved public perception and employee performance.   
We have helped a number of organizations develop performance management systems that encourage more buy-in from employees in the goal-setting process, driving improved employee performance and enhanced communication throughout the organization.  We also have extensive experience directing quality assurance and project management/major project start-up work for one of the largest federal government agencies.  No matter how large or small your organization is – from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, non-profits and even the federal government – we can put our proven experience to work for your organization to drive improved results.

Our experience also includes leading Kaizens for one of the largest, most respected organizations in America to create a culture of continuous improvement.  We can do this for your organization, too! 
Our consultants have worked and traveled all over the country and the world.  Our experience includes managing sales teams in Los Angeles and Miami; facilitating Community Advisory Panels in Montana, Pennsylvania and North Carolina; training chemical plant managers from all over the world how to work effectively with news media during a crisis; managing consultants all over the country for a PR firm; and even implementing some of the largest systems to handle tens of millions of government transactions.